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We design and manufacture complete lines for the receipt and treatment of milk adapted to any industry size.

We configure the automation level in accordance with the requirements of each client, from manual systems to the preparation of customised SCADA.

We automate and adapt existing lines to the new industry 4.0 standards, including all kinds of treatments such as milk standardisation in terms of fat and protein content.

We provide flexible lines for packaging various dairy derivatives on the same line, from milk with or without lactose to Kefir or Laban.


  • Flow registration and discharge system.

  • Fermentation and storage tanks. Pasteurization.

  • Milk standardisation.

  • Centrifuges: skimming, hygienised, bactofuge units.

  • Homogenisers.

  • Concentration systems by means of tangential filtration via membranes.

  • Reconstitution of powdered milk.

  • System automation.

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