PERINOX, S.A., as part of its company policy and being aware of the undertakings it has vis-à-vis customers and employees, assumes continuous liability for maintaining and improving the Quality System implemented, in accordance with STANDARD UNE EN-ISO 9001:2015 and geared towards the achievement of the following objectives:
All the staff of PERINOX, S.A., actively led by the Management, shall cooperate to put into effect this Quality Policy, acting, both individually and collectively, within the company.
Quality is thus a key factor for the competitiveness and continuity of our company.
Quality must not be the result of control, but rather the consequence of a job well done, based on planning and the setting of consensual objectives.
Ensuring that the service and products provided to our clients are safe, reliable and comply with the applicable legal requirements, standards and instructions; that said services or products not only meet its requirements, but also that we provide new ways of improving their investment and making it more profitable.
We seek to satisfy clients by generating credibility with serious, realistic actions, both externally and internally.
PERINOX, S.A. seeks to stand out from its competitors, providing the best quality products and the best service to its clients.
We regard suppliers as an integral part of the value chain of PERINOX, S.A., sharing objectives with them and cooperating in their accomplishment.
As far as Safety and Hygiene at Work are concerned, the risks have been assessed and a plan has been drawn up to carry out the relevant protective actions whose compliance is mandatory.
As far as Data Protection is concerned, we strive to ensure the duty of secrecy and confidentiality of the data contained in our files and use them solely for professional reasons.
As far as labour relations is concerned, it is wished to achieve an environment which is cooperative, open and flexible, but demanding in terms of compliance with objectives.
Communication shall be promoted at all levels. The communication system, both internal and external, shall be as fluid as possible.
Vocational Training shall be promoted at all levels. Formulas shall be sought for the adaptation of staff to the requirements of company organisation and vice versa. The recognition and acceptance of errors shall be appreciated as a learning formula.
The facilities shall be kept clean and tidy so as to make working pleasant.
PERINOX, S.A. shall follow its own continuous technology development policy, not foregoing collaboration with similar companies.
PERINOX, S.A., aware of the importance of environmental protection, shall seek to raise the awareness of all its staff with regard both to the environment and to the community.
As part of a community, PERINOX, S.A. participates in the social life that surrounds it and takes part in all those activities of interest in which it is required.

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